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[26 Jan 2008|09:28am]
So yesterday at work I felt sick.

Well, I knew I was getting a sore throat... and I took some vitamin C, but not enough (my mom swears by it, and it does work to take mega-doses while sick, not sayin' it's better than cold medicine or anything).

I woke up about 6 times last night between 1 and 8:30. That's not including how hard it was to fall back asleep. Needless to say, I haven't slept much, and I feel like shit. It hurts to even swollow, let alone eat. I feel best when I drink my apple juice, but I've been guzzling the water I bought yesterday at work, too. Every time I got up I had to brush my teeth, my mouth tasted so aweful from not being able to breathe, and I had to keep a wet washcloth on my forehead because I thought I was getting a bit of a fever. My cheeks feel less hot than they did before my bath, but I'm hoping I warded off any fever.

I'm pretty sure I have ear infections in both ears, though. They both hurt, just one more than the other (I never had ear infections 'til this year, this pisses me off). I have the sore throat and last night I noticed how fat my chin was, I didn't think "Hey, swelling" I thought "Oh my god, I'm so fat" but I'm pretty sure it's partially swelling.

Pretty fuckin' awesome.

And now I'm going to the urgent care clinic when I finish drying my hair.

Then hopefully I'll call in to work, but we're already short-staffed, so I feel bad.

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[23 Jan 2008|03:49pm]
[ mood | distressed (Don't wanna gooo) ]

I don't think I've made the formal announcement to my livejournal, so here goes:

I get to see my Rob in about a month!

He's skipping classes to come see me, as they don't get a spring break. But it'll only be for a week, which is half as long as I'd like but as long as I expected. What can I say? I'm spoiled with two week long visits.

But I figure if I can't take paid vacation for this, then I can take that later to go visit him, anyways. So... that means I can spend more time in Missouri and still get paid for it! I love Missouri, even if I was miserable staying with his dad, I just like being in Missouri, I would like to be able to drive and explore it.

Honestly, I'm feeling much better about his and my relationship. He's said he's feeling better, although he's still confused. I'm hoping in the end he'll come out of his confusion realizing he's been in love with me the whole time and he was just freaked out as I'm his first relationship and I was pushing him a bit too hard too soon.

I'm about to take my bridesmaid dress to see if I can get it altered, as it's too big. I'm kinda unhappy with my figure because even if the top is made smaller to fit my boobs, and I hope I can get it altered right as they said no more than two dress sizes down and I think that's exactly what I need as I have an extra five inches up top... so while I want to lose weight for Rob's visit, I don't want to/can't lose too much or else I'll be going naked to Tara's wedding. But the bottom of the dress fits fine, I guess... I just now have no curves, I'm like a big pole. Hopefully it'll look beautiful once altered... I just don't want to go to the store alone to get it done, I'm such a paranoid pansy.

Huh, I got a call from a local number and when I looked it up it's India Shoppe, wtf? As if I've ever been to an India shop. I also got a text message from a local number that knows my name, but I have no clue who it is... so... uhh... if it was you, sorry I didn't respond, I have no clue who you are and I was too lazy to actually respond, haha.


Hi, my name is Sadie and I have a makeup problem.
photosCollapse )
I really need to get my hair trimmed, I think I'll wait a couple weeks, though. I am sick of my bangs in my eyes like they are. It has gotten really long, though... although not as long as I'm going for... so I'm still growing it out more. I'll probably chop it all off either the haircut after next, or the one after that.

Also, I think my boobs have gotten bigger. Not that I'm complaining. I mean, I'm noticing I have back-aches more than I used to. At first I thought it was only when I wore my old bras which never gave me back-aches before I moved up to the correct size... but now I'm noticing it even in these bras. I also noticed they're fitting better than they did when I first started wearing them, like my boobs got used to having extra room so they grew into them a bit and actually my bras fit now like I always wished they would, which before I'd look at the models with the bras and be like "that's not fair!" So it's confusing me much, I'll continue to watch this and see if I'm correct. I really don't want to be much bigger than I am now, at a DD, as then I'll be out of balance with my hips. I wasn't even trying in those photos and in some I chose not to post I managed clevage when I wasn't even trying, and wasn't wearing my clevage-enhancing bra. I got some damn nice clevage shots, too. I was shocked.

And now I reaaaally need to go see to getting that dress altered.

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[19 Jan 2008|10:15am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

I really shouldn't be posting this, as I shouldn't be online right now, which is why I avoided my messengers this morning... but...

Yesterday I got a thing of coffee from in the food court for my co-worker. This guy in a Disney Store outfit kinda nodded at me and gave me a look, so I did it right back. He asked "Do you work in the mall?" I said I did and he asked where, I told him Macy's. He said "Oh" and then I walked off.

I don't know what the hell that was about, but it was odd.

Also, I have no clue what to get Zach for Valentine's Day.

I realize I have awhile, but I already got Rob a belt buckle... although I may take his back to Spencers and if there's anything at Spencers I'd rather get for Zach I'll do that... then order Rob two belt buckles online, where they're cheaper and I can get them shipped straight to him.

Otherwise I'm thinking I'm going to Michaels or Hobby Lobby, as Zach likes to draw... but he only draws in pen, and I imagine he has a sketchbook at the moment. Or else I'm getting him a Jack Skellington mug, but I don't really care for that idea as he doesn't drink coffee as far as I know. And I know nothing about video games and refuse to get Rob any so like hell I'm going to get Zach one.

Also, I don't want to fucking work all day. I want to play in snow, damnit.

My mom doesn't get when I'm asking if she's watched the station they told us to watch in case the mall closes that I only care 'cause I want to play in the snow >>; Fuck driving conditions.

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[11 Jan 2008|09:42am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

My mom won't fucking stop calling me.

I have to be at work in 20 minutes, I haven't eaten, my hair is wet, I'm not dressed... I'm basically not ready.

My mom won't fucking stop calling me and talking non-stop.

I need new tires, only one place has them... ok. "This place has them, they'll hold them 'til Monday, go early. Get to work"

I fell yesterday and hurt myself, so I'm using that as my excuse to be late, but I still don't want to be an hour late 'cause I'm too lazy to find the number, and only Dell knows I'm for-sure supposed to come in today (wasn't scheduled, wish I still wasn't going in).

Now Mom is mad at me 'cause I said "OK, I NEED TO GO!" I do!

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I got Rob a Batman belt buckle for Valentine's day... [09 Jan 2008|11:16pm]
[ mood | amused ]

...I may get him a skinny keyboard tie as well.

Ghosty says (11:11 PM):
I may get you something else >>;
Ghosty says (11:11 PM):
or nothin' else
A Mighty Wizard says (11:11 PM):
Ghosty says (11:11 PM):
as it was $20
Ghosty says (11:11 PM):
Ghosty says (11:11 PM):
so you'll be surprised
A Mighty Wizard says (11:11 PM):
A Mighty Wizard says (11:11 PM):
You dun have to surprise me.
A Mighty Wizard says (11:11 PM):
If you do end up doing that, don't tell me you will.
Ghosty says (11:12 PM):
I'm going to surprise you
Ghosty says (11:12 PM):
with buttsecks
A Mighty Wizard says (11:12 PM):
Ghosty says (11:12 PM):
A Mighty Wizard says (11:12 PM):
That would be quite a surprise.
A Mighty Wizard says (11:12 PM):
That tie is badass.
Ghosty says (11:12 PM):
I do what I can for my friends and neighbors
A Mighty Wizard says (11:12 PM):
It's even a really skinny one.
A Mighty Wizard says (11:12 PM):
Skinny ties = bamf.
Ghosty says (11:13 PM):
skinny ones would make your face look fat?
A Mighty Wizard says (11:13 PM):
A Mighty Wizard says (11:13 PM):
My face makes my face look fat.

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[07 Jan 2008|11:01pm]
I really should write a book that's called "Women are Forks".

Also, god...seriously...

Don't bother asking, some things are better left unsaid :D

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[07 Jan 2008|11:17am]
[ mood | bored ]

I just got the worst call from a telemarketer ever.

This was for Charter Communications.

Without asking, he assumes I'm the lady in charge of the Charter bill, starts going off on his sales pitch at me before I can say anything. He told me about some new phone thing Charter is doing and that it'd save me a lot of money, I replied "It would, but I'm not interested." 'cause I knew my mom would say that she wasn't interested.

"You're...not interested in saving money?"

And I think he hung up, didn't thank me for my time or anything.

Nice. I hope they recorded that one and listen to it later and are like "Dude, are you retarded?"

Zach was supposed to be here 17 minutes ago, I'll hear from him in two hours.

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[02 Jan 2008|08:07pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Today at work I heard a song that pretty much fully covers the reason why I've been fighting to stay with Rob, even when I have my doubts.

I used to be more confident in this, but Rob has put a lot of doubt in my heart... and nobody around me has really helped that much, not that it's their job but most people I know are very negative about it. My own mother has tried to convince me to date Zach instead of Rob, and Zach isn't giving up on it, either.

But I figured I'd post the lyrics here, 'cause I really like them.
The lyricsCollapse )

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[30 Dec 2007|11:59pm]
[ mood | Snuggly ]

I know I just made a photo post, but lookit what Zachy-poo gave me!
I was holding his hand as we walked into Wal-mart after he gave it to me and he goes "What? Are you my little pooky-poo?" I laughed so hard to hear that from his mouth.

And a bigger photo of the bear/penguin duo and another one of me that's one of my favorites that I forgot to post with the other ton of photos of me in the last post after the cut.
Read more...Collapse )

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[30 Dec 2007|07:12pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

I have been getting in fights with my mom a lot lately, I won't go into what.

I really need to find my own place, though.

I have fantasies about living in some crappy little apartment or really old house with some cool people doing our own thing and getting in little tiffs. Especially with some boy who actually really likes me and realizes how lucky he is to have someone so awesome like me as a girlfriend. So I don't imagine Rob there every time, unless it's some fantasy Rob who has effectively gotten his head out of the spot in his ass it's been keeping warm. Man, that fantasy is so great, 'cause in it I'm also doing some modeling on the side for plus sized clothing or something, but I'm still just boring Sadie, with her boring job and boring, shitty life.

I cried to Rob about how miserable this relationship is making me, but instead of going out with Zach who I'd be less miserable with (I'd only be miserable 'cause I'd still want to be with Rob, and I don't see me and Zach ever getting married or anything) I stick it out with Rob because I know if we can make it through all this I'll be more happy with him than with anybody else. I don't know why I'm doing this, but I'm trusting my instincts.

And now I feel like posting photos, enjoy:
(A lot) More of my recent favorite pics behind the cut! Wooh!Collapse )

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[25 Dec 2007|10:08am]
First off, Marry Christmas.

Second off...


I get the usual "Merry Christmas" text messages from friends this mornin', which made me happy.

I got a text message from Zach, too...

But it was asking if I want to be his girlfriend.

This frustraits me for various reasons.

And I like Zach, don't get me wrong. Were I single I'd be all "Yeah!" But I really want to be with Rob, so I don't know how to respond 'cause just saying "No" seems harsh when there's more to it.

Also, I don't know why he chose today to ask -_- And I can't get ahold of Rob or anyone for talky-talk.

Also, I'm mad 'cause all those people who told me he wanted to date me were right... I assumed he just enjoyed making out with me, and we both kinda like one another.

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[23 Dec 2007|10:34pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I saw P.S. I Love you, it was good. Even Zach cried, and admitted he liked it. Haha.

It hit a bit too close to home, but I really enjoyed it.

Also, Gerard Butler is hot.

And while I was browsing Youtube I found this:

When I saw the play it seemed much more alive than the first trailer I saw makes me feel about the movie, but this one seems much better.

I hope it's good.

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[17 Dec 2007|04:19pm]
I have learned a valueble lesson today -_-

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[17 Dec 2007|01:23am]
Dear Global Warming:

I have been really mostly good this year, and I would greatly appreciate it if you used your magick powers and gave me snow for Christmas this year.


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[09 Dec 2007|11:43pm]
Oh, I forgot I want The Hunchback of Notre Dame for Christmas... Little Mermaid, Tarzan and even Alladin on DVD. I'd accept others, but those are some of my favorites.

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[09 Dec 2007|01:15pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Ok, Rob's grandma asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and a couple other people have asked as well... so here's the list of exact things I want as well as the places I'd like gift cards to. I'm really not expecting anybody to get me anything, but while I'm making this for Rob I might as well post it for others who might want to.

Gift cards:
Specific itemsCollapse )
I bet there's more, as well as the links to stuff I've posted recently... but this is mostly it 'til I think about the rest. I'll probably list the manga I want later... I don't feel like figuring out what I have and need.

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[05 Dec 2007|11:34pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Have I posted yet that I've lost about 12lbs in the past few months?

I haven't been excersizing or much lately, or even really actively trying to lately, so I'm pretty pleased.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Taken today to show my undying love for Christmas Tree Cakes.
Photos behind the cut, woohCollapse )

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[05 Dec 2007|01:00pm]
I want bad... but I dunno if I'd need the regular sized ones or the wider sizes.... it says if your chest is 50inches, mine is 48-49 O_o;;;

I hope this link works

I want the black waffle knit one, or one of the sweatshirt material ones...

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[05 Dec 2007|12:30am]
I'm worried sick about Rob's sister again.

And if he and I could ever have a full conversation, that'd be great because what should've taken one day to work out is now going to take 3.

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[02 Dec 2007|12:38am]
[ mood | sad ]

I see Steve's name in the newspaper, but it just doesn't seem real.

This is like some bad dream, because it's not possible. It's so bad it doesn't even make sense to me because it couldn't happen, not to him... It's like the most unrealistic dream ever.

I don't want to go to the visitation tomorrow, because then it becomes real...but I want to because I want to pay my respects.

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