Sadie (shimarisu) wrote,

So I called the Missouri board of cosmetology, got a very grumpy sounding man.

But Missouri has reciprocity with Alabama, so if I get my hairstyling licence in Alabama I can get it in Missouri with no waiting.

I might work in Alabama for a bit, but I dunno.

Tomorrow I'm going to see if I have to apply for the school first, or if I can see how much I can get in a loan, then see if my grandma will co-sign if it isn't enough, then figure out any other adult if she won't... which I'm not counting on, I bet my mom has talked about how I'm not going to stick with this.

Then Wednesday I'm going to try to ask my manager about switching to part-time or what my options are while I attend Xcell.

I assume I've posted how I want to attend Xcell for cosmetology, right? I never update this thing anymore, lol.

Since I want to move up there in two years, I'm excited... although if I can get my license and still work hard enough and get enough of a loan to where I can still save up money, I may try to move to St. Louis asap as soon as I graduate.... although I'm afraid that'll be a bad idea, I dunno. We'll see.
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