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I just applied to a local credit union, just 'cause I want another savings account.

I dunno if I'll be accepted, when I deal with financial stuff I freak out and even if it's in plain english and painfully obvious I'm afraid I read it wrong, I had my friend Steve read it and he said it said as long as I lived in Jefferson County it would be fine, lol. I'm just so easily terrified of financial stuff.

I have a savings account with regions, but I want to save for school and possibly un-expected expenses with that one... and I want a seperate savings for the money I want to put away to move to St. Louis, which I'm hoping to do in 1-2 years.

I'm trying to be responsible about it, so I figure I'll need enough to cover moving costs, furniture and even maybe paying for the apartment for the first few months, as I'm looking at $620+ apartments. I really hope by the point I move up there Rob will be ready to get engaged by about a year, so I won't have to pay apartment costs for too long... and we can look for a house or split the money after that... but we still might just live in an apartment even if we got married before he graduated 'cause he thinks we'd have to move for him to get a job. We wouldn't have to, but he intends to, I feel.

I realize that's a lot of money to save up, so I figure it'll be about 2 years at about $250 a month, bare minimum... maybe more depending on if I attend Xcell academy and go into Hairstyling or something.
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