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Wooh, I looked at my checking account and I had infinatly more than I thought I would.

So I'm using my tax return to pay off my credit card bill and my phone bill.

Then I'm going to use part of my paycheck to pay off my Macy's.

I'm determined to pay off my credit cards, work on paying off my student loan by my birthday, and then freeze my spending. Aka, Sadie won't be any fun anymore because she's determined to live on her own either here or in St. Louis, especially in St. Louis.

I may still use my Macy's, but I'm working on setting a budget so I'll only be buying things alloted in my budget, and only a little at a time... and whenever I pay for it I'm going to write a check immediately to cover what I bought. Basically, things for me to take to my own place whenever I get it.

Like towels and bedding. And those only when they go on clearance.

All the rest of the money is either going to school, or to savings for moving.
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