Sadie (shimarisu) wrote,

This might could be considered a bit gross, so feel free to skip it.

It's not about feminine things or anything, it's just about how dirty my room was (keep in mind, this is a house with four cats... and me who has thick hair and is constantly shedding because I have so much):

So I just tried to flush a hair/dirt/dust ball down the toilet, from out of the vaccume (I use a rainbow vaccume, which uses water in the thingy that holds the dirt, so flushing is easiest for us).

It was bigger than one of my boobs, and my boobs are half the size of my head, about... so this was slightly bigger than half my head... and I have a big head.

When the toilet started clogging and over-flowing I had to re-strategize.

Uhm, yeah... I think I'm gonna vaccume one more time before I put it up.
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