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Any opinions?

Ok, so I apparently don't know that many people whose opinions I'd respect on this... so I'm posting it here to see if I get anybody who isn't a spoiled college student... or who is, but who gets where I'm coming from more.

I was informed Macy's is having a buy 5, get them 50% off deal on baby clothes, I believe... I don't know if it includes clearance. So right now I'm between two choices in things I'm going to buy to help out with the baby...

I know, I'm not family, I'm not even good friends with Jessie... but I am close to family, we did sleep in the same bed when I spent the night (as there are only so many beds to go around)... so I mean, I'm not that far out in thinking I have a right to help out my boyfriend's family. I want to be family, and I love them to death.

Anyways... so I'm thinking right now I've convinced myself to spend only $20 and get them two winter items... one is a one piece... I don't remember what they're called... but it's fuzzy and soft and I imagine warm (Missouri gets colder than here in winter, so I think this is a good thing). It's got footies with paw prints on the bottom, "my first teddy" on the chest where a pocket normally goes, and the hood has little bear ears (so cute!)... and then a hoody and pants set that's made of maybe fleece, I think, I forget fabrics... but it's greens and yellows and has a rocking horse on it... these are clearance, I'd be getting them for 6month babies as the kid is due in August, I believe... and as Jessie is 4'11" and Zeke I believe is 5'10", I doubt the baby will be super-big. Basically, I'm going for gender neutral.

But I could get them five carters baby items... a blankie, 6 pack of newborn onesies, 6 washcloths, a hoody towel and a bathrobe for the baby... for half off. So $92 before tax, for a whopping total of $46 before tax... I went to wal-mart and checked out the prices of their stuff, which I don't consider as good of quality... although if somebody wants to correct me feel free, as I'd like to know. Even holding a Macy's brand baby hoody to the Carters one I'm thinking about getting, I could just tell a slightly better quality. But anyways, she could get that stuff for up to $37...

I know I'm probably sticking my nose in where it doesn't belong, but I am seriously wanting to buy the baby stuff from Macy's and get Rob to go in halfway with me... as I think buying $96 worth of stuff for her will REALLY help out... and I can get it for much less than she can, as I'll also get my associate discount... and I just found my coupons for my Macy's card, and I can get an extra $10 off any $30 or more purchase... so it'll even out to about what she'd spend at Wal-mart... to me that's good business...

But I want to know, am I sticking my nose in too much? I don't approve of her being pregnant and keeping the baby, but she's going to... and I don't want the baby to suffer. I figure, helping make sure the baby gets nicer stuff is a good thing... If you were in this situation, would you help out this much? Would you want people to help out this much? I don't have much money, people keep reminding me... but I figure $25 for that much stuff, since Rob will go in half with me, isn't bad...

I had Rob ask his grandma the babies gender, she doesn't know but she was just like "Why?" like it agitated her when he asked... I know she doesn't want to think about it, isn't happy about it... but he told her I was thinking about buying Jessie some cheap baby clothes since I work with them... I told him I'd be spending $50 but he didn't mention it to her... when I asked why he said he is pretty sure his grandma isn't going to help out with the baby. I mean, she'll help out a bit, and I think she shouldn't help out more than any normal great grandmother would do...

I asked Rob if he thought Jessie would mind, he said the more I give her the less money she'll have to beg for from Grandma so she'll be happy. I can send this stuff up with Rob and when she finds out the gender, if she wants to switch it she can take it to her Macy's and see if they have the same thing in a different style.

But I want opinions... I don't want to upset his grandma, I don't want to butt my nose in where it doesn't belong, I don't want to help out too much especially when I don't agree with her keeping it... but I see it as I can help out where I can... so... I dunno... I might just get the winter things, and I have a halloween outfit for her that was $2.12 before my 20% off.

And for anybody curious, here is what I'm wanting to get her for 50% off... just to help with your opinions:
Bathrobe (white duckie)
Hooded towel and washcloths (white duckie, again)
Plain white onesies

They don't have the blankie on there, but it's a thin green and yellow one with stars, if I'm imagining it correctly.

Like I said, I'm aiming for neutral.
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