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Ok, I was totally going to stop posting here, but there are two things I feel are appropriate to break from that for.

1) Rob's little sister is pregnant, I think I've told everybody who'd give a crap though, which is why I haven't posted it here.

2) I am an idiot and made an appointment to get my haircut after work on Valentine's day.... haha. I hope Zach'll wait 'til 6:30 to meet me... I think I'll omit that I'm not working 'til 6:30ish *sweat*

I'm very busy lately, and I had to keep all my free days open as my car is backfiring worse than ever (last time he checked it he couldn't find the problem and said I'd have to let it get worse). Since I can't get ahold of him, I'm making hair appointments when I can, plus I'm thinking I'm going to get my nails done before Rob gets here, too. But I'll just be a walk-in on that whenever I can. Also, any suggestions on where to get my nails done? Once I paid $17 for a french manicure and it chipped in two days... I've paid $13 for one color at the place where I get my hair done... which lasted two weeks... but that lady quit. I just need my nails shaped and a french manicure... otherwise I was just going to use my red nail polish at home... but I figured I'd look nicer in the wedding with the french kind.

And I have to do my eyebrows, which I've avoided like the plague. I want to get them professionally done, but I'm not rich. Eyebrows will probably get did tomorrow.... Or should I wait 'til tuesday? No, tomorrow, in case I screw up.
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