Sadie (shimarisu) wrote,

Well... so this is it.

So... I think I'm about to give up using lj.

It's been a good... however many years, but I hardly ever use it anymore... as do many of the people I used to know.

I actually haven't looked at my friends page in a few days, quite honestly.

I'm just not feeling it so much, and there's always myspace for me to post whatever stupid blogs I do make. So feel free to add me there if you haven't.

I did my makeup all fancy yesterday for Zach.


I went and got a red hair extension put in my hair, it cost $10 and all proceeds went to the American heart association. It's not a clip in, so you can't take it out for work (Macy's told it's employees about it, so I'm covered). If anybody is interested, you can get them at Xcell academy across from the Hoover Library where that old place... was it Jammin' Jims? Somethin' like that, used to be. I really actually want to attend that school, but I'm still thinking I want to be a therapist, too. I'm about to look into it. If anybody wants me to go with them, I'd be glad to. It just takes a couple minutes. But yeah, go do it people!

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