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How pathetic is it that I've gone for over six months without seeing Rob, but now that I'm in the final stretch... just twenty five days I'm dying and I can't wait.

I mean, I get why I'm like this, I had no set time... that's generally how we do it, we agree we'll try to get a visit in in six months and we don't set a date 'til about a month prior... but this is the longest I've gone without seeing him, and it will also be the shortest visit, and I keep eyeing the calendar hoping it'll get here soon.

And like I said, I'm about to go into hermit mode... which means time is going to drag because I won't be going out and spending money I don't have in order to lose track of time 'til the visit. Augh!

I also just got started on my employee benefits (yay), so now my paycheck every week is going to be smaller (boo).

*fret fret fret*
*wobbles excitedly*
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