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I'm pretty excited about Rob's visit.

It's kinda sad, I like Zach and all... but I wouldn't mind too much if it was just Rob I was dating. Two boyfriends is twice as stressful, especially with Zach since he's a butt. I told him I wanted some eyeshadow for Valentine's day since he keeps pestering me about what I want, he said he won't get it if I'm going to wear it for Rob. I can understand the sentiment, but seriously. I just hope Zach'll get sick of it and be like "I don't want to date you" or something, 'cause I don't want to hurt him, and I do like him. Silly mess I've gotten myself into.

Especially since things have been getting better with Rob. I've got no issue with dating multiple people, but in the end I want to be with one person, and that person is Rob. I am a bit sick of the looks I get when people find out I have two boyfriends, though... as if I'm cheating when I'll say how they both know about it. Not to mention they act as if it's just fun for me when it's really a pain in the butt and I have to spend twice as much. I overdrafted the other day 'cause Zach didn't have enough money for something and I thought I barely did, but I was wrong. So, I'm not spending anymore this week... well, I might pay my student loan in a day or two. Then with my next paycheck I'm paying my student loan and possibly a phone bill.

I'm about to go into mega-hermit mode because I don't have much money, and I won't be working during Rob's visit.

The good news is, I'm going to be cutting out my fast food because it's the best way for me to drain my income, it's also the best way for me to stop gaining weight and actually lose some.

I've also semi-planned some stuff I wanna do when Rob gets here, I'm so excited. I don't know why I plan things out so much, when I find out I'm hosting something I fantasize about it and plan it up to a month in advance, then just keep imagining what happens up 'til it actually gets here, and am usually dissappointed. I won't be dissappointed with Rob's visit, I don't think... but we won't do half the stuff I planned. It's ok, I just like spending time with him.

Since he's brining his camera and he's interested in landscapes I'm going to take him along Vulcan trail and around Vulcan... I'm thinking we'll go up in Vulcan this time, but I haven't decided if we'll go during the day or at night. It's about $7 during the day, which I think is worth it for a one-time thing with a fancy camera to commemorate it. If his camera can get photos at night, like take photos of the city and it's lights and them still turn out at night, then I'm thinking I'll take him at night instead, which is only $3 (plus tax), and let him get photos of the city from Vulcan trail during the daylight... I dunno which yet.

If we do that I'm thinking we might go there early in the day, around 10ish, wander around five points, go eat lunch at Mellow Mushroom 'cause he likes their pizza, go to Vulcan and get the photos of Birmingham from the trail, wander about Homewood, visit my grandma, go back to Vulcan at 6ish and see if we think the photos will be any good. But we could not do half of that, we'll see.

I want to take him to Sloss Furnace, sometime during the week. We're gonna go and just take the self-guided tour, so that we don't have to pay anything. But he and I like old things, and I figured he might want to take photos of the old stuff.

I definatly want to take him to the McWane center, he was telling me about their Science Center and I was like "Well we have the McWane Center." I'm a bit confused on prices, but I think if we do it then we're going to go there and tour the exhibits, there's a sea monster exhibit I think will be cool... there's an IMax that goes along with it, but I think we'll see the IMax on Egypt and mummies, as I think I'll get too freaked out seeing underwater things eating one another. I'm such a pansy, I've just gotten used to mummies because I desensitized myself when I was younger 'cause I love Egyptian mythology and culture. If it costs more than $18 per person (I think to get a combo of Imax and exhibit it's $16, from looking at the website) then we're not doin' the Imax.

I want to take him to the Alabama theater, too. They're have a concert with the wurlitzer that's free to the public. I think the theater is so pretty, but I haven't been in it in years... I asked Rob if it'd be too dorky to go to an orgon concert, at first I think he thought it sounded boring, but then I was reading a description of the orgon and how it has something like 2008 pipes and he was like "that sounds cool!" So on that Sunday we're goin' to that.

I really want to take him to some old cannonball factory that I swear was somewhere in the Mountain Brook area. I haven't been there in years, a friend who I don't talk to took me when I was younger and so I don't know how to get ahold of her to ask... I miss her, though, she was great. Anyways... I swear, it was up in Mountain Brook... I remember she was taking me on this trail by a river, her dogs kept running and jumping in the water even though it was really cold. I kept finding little black rocks and I picked them up and she told me how they were cannon balls... or pieces of them, rather. It was actually an old cannonball factory from the civil war. The actual part of the factory I saw was behind a fence, I'm sure there could've been more, but we didn't walk the whole path... but I want to. It was just a ruin of a furnace... but I remember it was pretty, and I think it'd be interesting to take Rob there... I just have to find it. I looked at the local factory sites around here, but that's iron works and neither of them are in Mountain Brook. I also remember when we were leaving it there was a golf course on the way out... so I'll just have to look up stuff in the area I guess and see if he and I can't find it.

I really, really, really don't want to go to work today, but I'm going to as I need the money, badly. I don't feel too ill, just ill enough to not want to deal with customers. I don't know why, I'm just really miserable at Macy's right now, it's so dull and the shifts are so long... but I was that way at McAlister's with short shifts, so I guess it's alright. I think it's just the shifts take away my whole day it feels like, and they're 9 hour shifts when they could give me a 30 minute break and 8 hour shifts instead and I'd be plenty happy. Plus, the part-time workers get 5 hour shifts. Like, I'll go in 1-9:15 tonight... if I was part-time I'd go in 6-9:15, maybe 5... I hate that I don't hardly ever get a 5-9:15. Even though I had an extra day off, I won't get an off day 'til Saturday after this.... then I get a 3 day weekend... but I'm just burnt out. I just need to make it a month, though. I just need to focus on that and making as much money as I can up 'til then.
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