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[08 Jul 2008|04:03pm]
[ mood | hot ]

Maybe I should be happy that Sailor Moon Stars #2 is listed on at the lowest at $30

...Except it's the one I need!

...On the bright side, I have all the rest of the series, so that means if I opted to sell, I'd probably make a few hundred.

I mean, seriously, some people are asking $70 for a less than stellar copy of it!

I just want it so baaad T_T

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[07 Jul 2008|10:45pm]
Ghosty says (10:44 PM): OH MY GOD, MRS. WEASLEY IS IN MAMA MIA

And she's one of my favorite characters!

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[25 Jun 2008|08:12pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

So even after almost two years I can still cry my eyes out over Mister.

I wish it would get easier.

I'm better than I was, but I can't do this for another 60 years.

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[14 Apr 2008|10:19pm]
So I called the Missouri board of cosmetology, got a very grumpy sounding man.

But Missouri has reciprocity with Alabama, so if I get my hairstyling licence in Alabama I can get it in Missouri with no waiting.

I might work in Alabama for a bit, but I dunno.

Tomorrow I'm going to see if I have to apply for the school first, or if I can see how much I can get in a loan, then see if my grandma will co-sign if it isn't enough, then figure out any other adult if she won't... which I'm not counting on, I bet my mom has talked about how I'm not going to stick with this.

Then Wednesday I'm going to try to ask my manager about switching to part-time or what my options are while I attend Xcell.

I assume I've posted how I want to attend Xcell for cosmetology, right? I never update this thing anymore, lol.

Since I want to move up there in two years, I'm excited... although if I can get my license and still work hard enough and get enough of a loan to where I can still save up money, I may try to move to St. Louis asap as soon as I graduate.... although I'm afraid that'll be a bad idea, I dunno. We'll see.

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[22 Mar 2008|09:16am]
[ mood | awake ]

wtf? Macy's won't let me make another payment on my account at the moment (online) 'cause I just made one within the last five days.

I'm trying to friggin' pay these people off, be happy.

I can't wait to get my credit cards paid off so I'll have a bit of extra money at the end of the week... right now trying to get those paid off ASAP is wiping out the extra income in my budget.

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[20 Mar 2008|02:35pm]
So I had a dream last night that Mister was alive.

I was dissappointed to discover it was a dream.

And in the dream it was like "This isn't a dream, you can feel him in your arms and everything!"

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[18 Mar 2008|07:55pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

I just applied to a local credit union, just 'cause I want another savings account.

I dunno if I'll be accepted, when I deal with financial stuff I freak out and even if it's in plain english and painfully obvious I'm afraid I read it wrong, I had my friend Steve read it and he said it said as long as I lived in Jefferson County it would be fine, lol. I'm just so easily terrified of financial stuff.

I have a savings account with regions, but I want to save for school and possibly un-expected expenses with that one... and I want a seperate savings for the money I want to put away to move to St. Louis, which I'm hoping to do in 1-2 years.

I'm trying to be responsible about it, so I figure I'll need enough to cover moving costs, furniture and even maybe paying for the apartment for the first few months, as I'm looking at $620+ apartments. I really hope by the point I move up there Rob will be ready to get engaged by about a year, so I won't have to pay apartment costs for too long... and we can look for a house or split the money after that... but we still might just live in an apartment even if we got married before he graduated 'cause he thinks we'd have to move for him to get a job. We wouldn't have to, but he intends to, I feel.

I realize that's a lot of money to save up, so I figure it'll be about 2 years at about $250 a month, bare minimum... maybe more depending on if I attend Xcell academy and go into Hairstyling or something.

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[16 Mar 2008|12:12am]
[ mood | lethargic ]

Wooh, I looked at my checking account and I had infinatly more than I thought I would.

So I'm using my tax return to pay off my credit card bill and my phone bill.

Then I'm going to use part of my paycheck to pay off my Macy's.

I'm determined to pay off my credit cards, work on paying off my student loan by my birthday, and then freeze my spending. Aka, Sadie won't be any fun anymore because she's determined to live on her own either here or in St. Louis, especially in St. Louis.

I may still use my Macy's, but I'm working on setting a budget so I'll only be buying things alloted in my budget, and only a little at a time... and whenever I pay for it I'm going to write a check immediately to cover what I bought. Basically, things for me to take to my own place whenever I get it.

Like towels and bedding. And those only when they go on clearance.

All the rest of the money is either going to school, or to savings for moving.

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[02 Mar 2008|09:07am]
Haha, the premarital sex thing is still up.

It also says he hates hypocrits.


For those who know what I'm talking about, I was looking to do the "Premarital sex: I hates it" thing, but his background isn't working, so you can't friggin' see it now -_- I had to copy and paste into word to find it.

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[24 Feb 2008|10:17pm]
[ mood | enraged ]

I got in an argument with my mom over the phone... after getting in one with her at the house this afternoon... while I was fuming Rob was trying to cheer me up.

He got his face close to mine and I saw a pimple and... well, I had to pop it, it was bugging me (I would only ever dream of popping his or mine because I'm like an old, married lady with him).

He hates when I do it, but I couldn't resist, so he was like "And you'll just pimp popples" because he is that good...


Popples: I are pimping them.

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[22 Feb 2008|08:02am]
[ mood | excited ]

Sweet, the dollar theater has all these movies I want Rob to see, and one I want to see.

Veggie Tales, Sweeny Todd, PS I Love You, Enchanted, Lars and the Real Girl


Also, 12 hours :3

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[21 Feb 2008|10:11pm]
[ mood | content ]

Elijah Snow says (9:43 PM):
what kid shows did you watch?
Ghosty says (9:44 PM):
fraggle rock, muppets, muppet babies, eureka's castle, under the umbrella tree, david the gnome, rainbow bright, ninja turtles, X-men
Elijah Snow says (9:44 PM):
muppet babies was my favorite
Ghosty says (9:44 PM):
Ghosty says (9:44 PM):
one of mine
Elijah Snow says (9:44 PM):
Gonzo is amazing
Ghosty says (9:47 PM):
I liked Ms. Piggy >>;;
Elijah Snow says (9:48 PM):
fat, vain, demanding, high strug woman with violent tedencies
Elijah Snow says (9:48 PM):
hmmm I don't see how you could relate to her
Ghosty says (9:49 PM):
*smacks you*
Elijah Snow says (9:50 PM):
don't you mean "hiiiiiiii-ya!"

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[20 Feb 2008|12:31pm]
This might could be considered a bit gross, so feel free to skip it.

It's not about feminine things or anything, it's just about how dirty my room was (keep in mind, this is a house with four cats... and me who has thick hair and is constantly shedding because I have so much):
It's really not that bad, unless you're a clean freak...which I'm the opposite of.Collapse )

Uhm, yeah... I think I'm gonna vaccume one more time before I put it up.

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[13 Feb 2008|12:37pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Also, does anybody know anything about St. Johns Wart?

My co-worker suggested it when I told her how I want to get tested for how moody I am... I think most all my friends know I'm moody, but I'm the worst with Rob. He gets the full brunt of it... when I found out his sister was pregnant I was yelling at him for not caring about her even though in the back of my head I didn't know why, I knew it wasn't completely true, and I knew I should be asking him how he felt and supporting him... but I kept yelling.

It's really one of the things affecting how he feels about me.

I was talking to him and reminded him how he'd said he could deal with me being moody 'cause of his sister, and he said "But it's different... you'll be full out unbearably bitchy, or you'll be happy, sweet normal Sadie." I'm not constantly bitchy, I'm not self-centered... I just swing a lot with him.

My co-worker is bi-polar and when I was telling her she said it all sounded familiar, I suspect I may have tendencies but I'm not sure. She told me about how she's the only one who can talk her brother down (he's worse than her) because the people with him were telling him "calm down" and you NEVER tell him that... they just get more and more upset... I do especially... I get furious, even if I wasn't mad before, if somebody tells me to calm down... I mean, I have hit people for saying it to me, when I was younger... I hate it, I hate it so much.

She told me she takes Kava kava, her brother and mother take St. Johns Wart and Valerian Root respectively... all for the same thing. I've heard of St. Johns Wart, so I think I'm going to try it... just to see if it helps with my moodiness in general... I still want to get tested, though... for Rob's and my sake. It really is aweful for him when I mood swing on him... and then when we're arguing I'll be spitting venom at him shortly followed by "Hehe, your voice is hot when you're angry" and the end of the fight. One of those is illegal in the netherlands and I think the other it said to consult a doctor before using... so that's why I'm leaning to the one I know.

I also need to figure out/find a place to get tested... I dunno what doctors do what T_T

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Any opinions? [13 Feb 2008|12:04pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Ok, so I apparently don't know that many people whose opinions I'd respect on this... so I'm posting it here to see if I get anybody who isn't a spoiled college student... or who is, but who gets where I'm coming from more.

I was informed Macy's is having a buy 5, get them 50% off deal on baby clothes, I believe... I don't know if it includes clearance. So right now I'm between two choices in things I'm going to buy to help out with the baby...

I know, I'm not family, I'm not even good friends with Jessie... but I am close to family, we did sleep in the same bed when I spent the night (as there are only so many beds to go around)... so I mean, I'm not that far out in thinking I have a right to help out my boyfriend's family. I want to be family, and I love them to death.

Anyways... so I'm thinking right now I've convinced myself to spend only $20 and get them two winter items... one is a one piece... I don't remember what they're called... but it's fuzzy and soft and I imagine warm (Missouri gets colder than here in winter, so I think this is a good thing). It's got footies with paw prints on the bottom, "my first teddy" on the chest where a pocket normally goes, and the hood has little bear ears (so cute!)... and then a hoody and pants set that's made of maybe fleece, I think, I forget fabrics... but it's greens and yellows and has a rocking horse on it... these are clearance, I'd be getting them for 6month babies as the kid is due in August, I believe... and as Jessie is 4'11" and Zeke I believe is 5'10", I doubt the baby will be super-big. Basically, I'm going for gender neutral.

But I could get them five carters baby items... a blankie, 6 pack of newborn onesies, 6 washcloths, a hoody towel and a bathrobe for the baby... for half off. So $92 before tax, for a whopping total of $46 before tax... I went to wal-mart and checked out the prices of their stuff, which I don't consider as good of quality... although if somebody wants to correct me feel free, as I'd like to know. Even holding a Macy's brand baby hoody to the Carters one I'm thinking about getting, I could just tell a slightly better quality. But anyways, she could get that stuff for up to $37...

I know I'm probably sticking my nose in where it doesn't belong, but I am seriously wanting to buy the baby stuff from Macy's and get Rob to go in halfway with me... as I think buying $96 worth of stuff for her will REALLY help out... and I can get it for much less than she can, as I'll also get my associate discount... and I just found my coupons for my Macy's card, and I can get an extra $10 off any $30 or more purchase... so it'll even out to about what she'd spend at Wal-mart... to me that's good business...

But I want to know, am I sticking my nose in too much? I don't approve of her being pregnant and keeping the baby, but she's going to... and I don't want the baby to suffer. I figure, helping make sure the baby gets nicer stuff is a good thing... If you were in this situation, would you help out this much? Would you want people to help out this much? I don't have much money, people keep reminding me... but I figure $25 for that much stuff, since Rob will go in half with me, isn't bad...

I had Rob ask his grandma the babies gender, she doesn't know but she was just like "Why?" like it agitated her when he asked... I know she doesn't want to think about it, isn't happy about it... but he told her I was thinking about buying Jessie some cheap baby clothes since I work with them... I told him I'd be spending $50 but he didn't mention it to her... when I asked why he said he is pretty sure his grandma isn't going to help out with the baby. I mean, she'll help out a bit, and I think she shouldn't help out more than any normal great grandmother would do...

I asked Rob if he thought Jessie would mind, he said the more I give her the less money she'll have to beg for from Grandma so she'll be happy. I can send this stuff up with Rob and when she finds out the gender, if she wants to switch it she can take it to her Macy's and see if they have the same thing in a different style.

But I want opinions... I don't want to upset his grandma, I don't want to butt my nose in where it doesn't belong, I don't want to help out too much especially when I don't agree with her keeping it... but I see it as I can help out where I can... so... I dunno... I might just get the winter things, and I have a halloween outfit for her that was $2.12 before my 20% off.

And for anybody curious, here is what I'm wanting to get her for 50% off... just to help with your opinions:
Bathrobe (white duckie)
Hooded towel and washcloths (white duckie, again)
Plain white onesies

They don't have the blankie on there, but it's a thin green and yellow one with stars, if I'm imagining it correctly.

Like I said, I'm aiming for neutral.

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[12 Feb 2008|11:58am]
[ mood | idiotic ]

Ok, I was totally going to stop posting here, but there are two things I feel are appropriate to break from that for.

1) Rob's little sister is pregnant, I think I've told everybody who'd give a crap though, which is why I haven't posted it here.

2) I am an idiot and made an appointment to get my haircut after work on Valentine's day.... haha. I hope Zach'll wait 'til 6:30 to meet me... I think I'll omit that I'm not working 'til 6:30ish *sweat*

I'm very busy lately, and I had to keep all my free days open as my car is backfiring worse than ever (last time he checked it he couldn't find the problem and said I'd have to let it get worse). Since I can't get ahold of him, I'm making hair appointments when I can, plus I'm thinking I'm going to get my nails done before Rob gets here, too. But I'll just be a walk-in on that whenever I can. Also, any suggestions on where to get my nails done? Once I paid $17 for a french manicure and it chipped in two days... I've paid $13 for one color at the place where I get my hair done... which lasted two weeks... but that lady quit. I just need my nails shaped and a french manicure... otherwise I was just going to use my red nail polish at home... but I figured I'd look nicer in the wedding with the french kind.

And I have to do my eyebrows, which I've avoided like the plague. I want to get them professionally done, but I'm not rich. Eyebrows will probably get did tomorrow.... Or should I wait 'til tuesday? No, tomorrow, in case I screw up.

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Well... so this is it. [03 Feb 2008|02:39pm]
So... I think I'm about to give up using lj.

It's been a good... however many years, but I hardly ever use it anymore... as do many of the people I used to know.

I actually haven't looked at my friends page in a few days, quite honestly.

I'm just not feeling it so much, and there's always myspace for me to post whatever stupid blogs I do make. So feel free to add me there if you haven't.

I did my makeup all fancy yesterday for Zach.
More behind cutCollapse )

I went and got a red hair extension put in my hair, it cost $10 and all proceeds went to the American heart association. It's not a clip in, so you can't take it out for work (Macy's told it's employees about it, so I'm covered). If anybody is interested, you can get them at Xcell academy across from the Hoover Library where that old place... was it Jammin' Jims? Somethin' like that, used to be. I really actually want to attend that school, but I'm still thinking I want to be a therapist, too. I'm about to look into it. If anybody wants me to go with them, I'd be glad to. It just takes a couple minutes. But yeah, go do it people!

And here is a pic of me with mine, which I had them put in on my thicker side 'cause I liked it more. I may go back and get two put in before Rob gets here, after I get my haircut.> <a href=Collapse )

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[28 Jan 2008|12:09pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

How pathetic is it that I've gone for over six months without seeing Rob, but now that I'm in the final stretch... just twenty five days I'm dying and I can't wait.

I mean, I get why I'm like this, I had no set time... that's generally how we do it, we agree we'll try to get a visit in in six months and we don't set a date 'til about a month prior... but this is the longest I've gone without seeing him, and it will also be the shortest visit, and I keep eyeing the calendar hoping it'll get here soon.

And like I said, I'm about to go into hermit mode... which means time is going to drag because I won't be going out and spending money I don't have in order to lose track of time 'til the visit. Augh!

I also just got started on my employee benefits (yay), so now my paycheck every week is going to be smaller (boo).

*fret fret fret*
*wobbles excitedly*

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[28 Jan 2008|10:44am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I'm pretty excited about Rob's visit.

It's kinda sad, I like Zach and all... but I wouldn't mind too much if it was just Rob I was dating. Two boyfriends is twice as stressful, especially with Zach since he's a butt. I told him I wanted some eyeshadow for Valentine's day since he keeps pestering me about what I want, he said he won't get it if I'm going to wear it for Rob. I can understand the sentiment, but seriously. I just hope Zach'll get sick of it and be like "I don't want to date you" or something, 'cause I don't want to hurt him, and I do like him. Silly mess I've gotten myself into.

Especially since things have been getting better with Rob. I've got no issue with dating multiple people, but in the end I want to be with one person, and that person is Rob. I am a bit sick of the looks I get when people find out I have two boyfriends, though... as if I'm cheating when I'll say how they both know about it. Not to mention they act as if it's just fun for me when it's really a pain in the butt and I have to spend twice as much. I overdrafted the other day 'cause Zach didn't have enough money for something and I thought I barely did, but I was wrong. So, I'm not spending anymore this week... well, I might pay my student loan in a day or two. Then with my next paycheck I'm paying my student loan and possibly a phone bill.

I'm about to go into mega-hermit mode because I don't have much money, and I won't be working during Rob's visit.

The good news is, I'm going to be cutting out my fast food because it's the best way for me to drain my income, it's also the best way for me to stop gaining weight and actually lose some.

I've also semi-planned some stuff I wanna do when Rob gets here, I'm so excited. I don't know why I plan things out so much, when I find out I'm hosting something I fantasize about it and plan it up to a month in advance, then just keep imagining what happens up 'til it actually gets here, and am usually dissappointed. I won't be dissappointed with Rob's visit, I don't think... but we won't do half the stuff I planned. It's ok, I just like spending time with him.
Me babbling about things I have plannedCollapse )

I really want to take him to some old cannonball factory that I swear was somewhere in the Mountain Brook area. I haven't been there in years, a friend who I don't talk to took me when I was younger and so I don't know how to get ahold of her to ask... I miss her, though, she was great. Anyways... I swear, it was up in Mountain Brook... I remember she was taking me on this trail by a river, her dogs kept running and jumping in the water even though it was really cold. I kept finding little black rocks and I picked them up and she told me how they were cannon balls... or pieces of them, rather. It was actually an old cannonball factory from the civil war. The actual part of the factory I saw was behind a fence, I'm sure there could've been more, but we didn't walk the whole path... but I want to. It was just a ruin of a furnace... but I remember it was pretty, and I think it'd be interesting to take Rob there... I just have to find it. I looked at the local factory sites around here, but that's iron works and neither of them are in Mountain Brook. I also remember when we were leaving it there was a golf course on the way out... so I'll just have to look up stuff in the area I guess and see if he and I can't find it.

I really, really, really don't want to go to work today, but I'm going to as I need the money, badly. I don't feel too ill, just ill enough to not want to deal with customers. I don't know why, I'm just really miserable at Macy's right now, it's so dull and the shifts are so long... but I was that way at McAlister's with short shifts, so I guess it's alright. I think it's just the shifts take away my whole day it feels like, and they're 9 hour shifts when they could give me a 30 minute break and 8 hour shifts instead and I'd be plenty happy. Plus, the part-time workers get 5 hour shifts. Like, I'll go in 1-9:15 tonight... if I was part-time I'd go in 6-9:15, maybe 5... I hate that I don't hardly ever get a 5-9:15. Even though I had an extra day off, I won't get an off day 'til Saturday after this.... then I get a 3 day weekend... but I'm just burnt out. I just need to make it a month, though. I just need to focus on that and making as much money as I can up 'til then.

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[26 Jan 2008|12:54pm]
The good news:
He said my ears look fine, so even though they're hurting me, my mom says I've always had a tendency for ear aches.

The bad news:
I'm being treated for strep throat, despite the fact my test came back negative... because my tonsils are so swollen and yucky.

He said if I don't get better in a week with the medicine he's given me, to come back and they'll test me for mono, which he then told me horrible things about... so I wouldn't be able to kiss Rob when he visited.

So, here's hoping that I only have strep throat.

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